McAdoo Cemetery

This information was taken from the book: Dickens County – Its Land and People

Published 1986, page 497

In 1918 Mr. Robert Nickels donated two acres of land to be used as a cemetery. It is located one mile west and one-half mile south of McAdoo.

In October of 1918 Mamie Lee Smith, three month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Smith, passed away and was the first person buried in the cemetery.


The information below came from this source:

Section C of the cemetery was donated by Denzil & Jean McMillan of Plainview. The piping and cable was donated by Bill & Helen Swaringen of Brownfield. Flagpole donated by Damon Stotts. Gravel was put down by the county, and the area cleared, leveled, filled, entrance sign and chain across front installed and painted from donations to the McAdoo Cemetery Association.