Census Records

NOTE: These census facsimiles have all been changed to JPG format and should be easier to open. The blank froms are still in PDF format.

The Census Book.

These census facsimiles are all PDF files. Some people have reported to me that Adobe Acrabat Reader was unable to open these files. The PDF files were downloaded by me from census providers. I use a program called FOXIT for all of my PDF files and have never had any problems opening any PDF file. If you experience problems then you may want to use FOXIT. Just use google, search for FOXIT Reader, download and install. Another PDF Reader that can be downloaded for free is Nitro.

Blank Census Forms that are readable: 1790 | 1800 | 1810 | 1820 | 1830 | 1840 | 1850 | 1860 | 1870 | 1880 | 1890 | 1900 | 1910 | 1920 |1930 | 1940 |

William Clinton Garrett - my great grandfather | Melinda Ann Jones - my great grandmother

John Newton Jones - my great great grandfather

Abraham Stephenson - my great great great great grandfather (Revolutionary War Soldier)

Benjamin Stephenson - my great great great grandfather

Jenkins Stephenson - my great great grandfather | Tabitha Britton Stephenson - my great great grandmother

Samuel Charles Stephenson - my great grandfather

Samuel Walter Stephenson - my grandfather | Annie Marinda Elizabeth Garrett Stephenson - my grandmother

Walter James Stephenson - my father | Jewel Etha Rich Stephenson - my mother |


Henry Everitte - husband of my great great great great aunt, Patience Stephenson

Benjamin Thomas Stephenson - brother to Samuel Charles Stephenson (my great grandfather)

Cherry Stephenson -

Victor Wiggins Stephenson - brother to Samuel Walter Stephenson (my grandfather)

Elisha Vick - distant cousin