Newhall, December 1996

Dear Friends and Family:

Why is it that as we get older the years fly by faster and faster? It seems as though we were just writing the 1995 letter! One of the benefits of composing these letters is to reflect back upon the year that is almost over.

This has been another busy, but healthy and successful year for the kids. Marc is now a sophomore in high school and is carrying a heavy load of 7 classes (his choice), plus playing in the marching band, studying both clarinet and piano and taking tennis lessons. His involvement in his church youth group, the choir and the church orchestra takes up remaining free moments although he is hoping to begin volunteer work at the local hospital after the holidays.

Beth is in 7 th grade, which she is enjoying in spite of having to wear uniforms to school. She ran on the school cross-country team in the fall and is looking forward to track in the spring. She is a member of the advanced band and is involved in her church youth group and choir. In her spare time she loves to read, and talk on the telephone.

Jenk continues to enjoy teaching in spite of the many extra hours he has to spend at school in order to keep the aging school computers in working order. This year he was appointed as the school’s computer specialist so now he actually gets paid for some of the extra work!

Patty is still fighting to overcome the effects of last year’s accident. Just after Christmas last year she had further surgery to repair damage from the first operation, and by the tie you read this she will have had her defective pacemaker replaced. She is looking forward to getting around more easily and being able to drive. (Jenk will also be glad to give up part of his chauffeur job!)

The high point of our year was the visit of friends from France. Patty and Michele first me tin France twenty-six years ago, and over the past few years we have “exchanged” kids nearly every summer. This year they were accompanied to the U.S. by their friend Dr. Guillaume Guerin and his family. Together we traveled through seven states visiting spectacular national parks such as Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Mount Rainier, and Olympic. Traveling with a bi-lingual group of twelve (including 6 children) was an adventure! Although we had driven much of the route in earlier years, we were awed by the beauty of this country!

We hope that 1996 has brought you success and happiness. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 1997!!