December 1997

Dear Friends and Family

We hope that you are all well and enjoying this most blessed time of year. We are once more enjoying the smell of the Christmas tree and the beautiful decorations that help to make this season so joyful.

This has been a good year for the four of us. Beth is now in 8 th grade and is doing well in school. She continues to play her saxophone in the school band, and is also involved in church, track, football and in Girl Scouts. When not otherwise occupied she loves to spend time talking on the phone or doing something with her friends.

Marc is a junior and is still carrying a heavy load of classes as well as playing in bother the marching (clarinet) and jazz (piano) bands at school. In his “spare” time he volunteers at the local hospital and takes tennis lessons. He is also involved in the church youth group and orchestra. During this holiday season he is also playing with a small music group which performs at parties and other festivities.

The workload at school for Jenk remains heavy. He usually spends one weekend day per week trying to keep the computers running. This year our school has received money to create a “digital high school” so he will be busy helping to make decisions on how to get the new program off the ground. In his “spare time” Jenk has a second job as the kids’ regular chauffeur. He will be happy when Marc gets his license within the next few months.

Patty is the healthiest she has been since her accident two years ago and is very thankful for her returning strength. She is even thinking of trying to cross country ski again this Christmas!

This past summer we drove our motor home to Texas to visit Carlsbad Cavern and some relatives on the way. We spent 10 days with Jenk’s cousins in Lubbock while Jenk took care of settling some of his Dad’s affairs. We also go to visit with many relatives whom we had not seen for some time.

After leaving Lubbock we drove to Dallas where we were able to spend 3 wonderful days with 3 of Jenk’s brothers and sisters. Then we spent a week in Louisiana visiting plantations, museums, New Orleans and some bayous. We even “met” two alligators on a walk through a bayou! We also got to see Patty’s cousin Ellen and her family. On the way home we visited Jenk’s brother Tom and his wife in Oklahoma meaning that we only missed seeing one brother. We’re hoping that he and his family will be coming to see us this year, because Minnesota was just too far for this year’s trip. Another highlight of the trip home was a visit with Jenk’s cousin in Colorado Springs.

We wish you all a blessed Christmas season and a healthy and happy 1998.