December 2003


Dear Friends,

We have much to be thankful for once again this year, as well as some recent sadness with the sudden death of Jenk’s sister just ten days ago (following the deaths of his aunt and uncle in the two preceding weeks). Jenk and Patty were in Texas for a week with the remainder of the siblings and their families. It turned out to be a time of sharing both the grief and many joys since they have not all been together since the loss of their parents. It was good to reconnect again, to share memories and to talk of their lives and hopes.

This has been a good year for Jenk in that his work-load has been somewhat lightened, ending the need for many weekends at school. With no kids regularly at home Jenk and Patty have enjoyed the time to be together, though many of the fall weekends were spent at UCLA football games watching Beth perform with the marching band. He continues to enjoy working on his family genealogy and has found more time to read. While Patty was in France this summer he spent time with his family in Texas and Oklahoma, and even hiked down into the Grand Canyon (by himself, in 130 degree heat) on his way home. Both Jenk and Patty did take time in August to go to Sequoia for a week. It was their first time alone in the motor-home, and it was so peaceful!

Marc graduated from UCLA with a degree in Biochemistry in June! The whole family, including his grandmother (UCLA class of 1941), was in attendance at two days of ceremonies. Two days later he began a new job at a genetics laboratory in Los Angeles where he works with DNA replication (to the best of our understanding). He moved to a lovely apartment near LAX and has enjoyed having free time with no homework!

Beth had the opportunity to go to Korea this summer as part of a program where 10 American and 10 Korean college students were paired as roommates for an all-expense paid seminar about life in modern Korea. They listened to lectures and toured Seoul, as well as having a lot of fun. Beth was very lucky to have a terrific roommate with whom she stayed an extra 3 days to see more of the country and to visit the orphanage where she lived as an infant. It was a terrific trip! She returned home to continue working at Barnes and Noble until she returned to school in September. She is now a sophomore, and continues to enjoy marching band where she is the section leader of 40 saxophones.

Patty once again took a group of her students to France to live with French families this summer. They were a great group of kids and Patty was able to stay with friends in Brittany as well as to travel to Paris and Toulouse to see friends from her college days in France. A great joy was the chance to spend time with the Rodallec family with whom she stayed while in high school!

During our spring break we moved Patty’s mom and her husband, Dee, down from Paso Robles to Newhall. It is much easier to go see them without all the hours in the car. And now if they need help we are only 15 minutes away.

As always we are thankful for our friends and family and for the support and love we have shared over the years. We wish you all a joyous Christmas and a bright and happy new year.