December 2008


Every year I plan to get an early start on preparing for Christmas but somehow it doesn’t seem to happen. It isn’t because I don’t think of you, but rather because the time seems to fly by. In the last weeks the fall colors have been spectacular here, but as the leaves fall I am reminded that winter is approaching.

This has been a good but busy year with some special highlights. We are all thankful for our many blessings and for our family and friends. We are thankful that you remain a part of our lives. What are you two doing these days?

Jenk continues to enjoy his second year of retirement. His genealogical research occupies many interesting hours. (You might enjoy looking at He says the best part of retirement is doing what he wants when he wants. The worst part is never having a vacation!

Marc earned his master’s degree in science education in May following an intensive 2-year program. He is now in his 5 th year of teaching, and for the first time he is not simultaneously going to school. So in his “extra time” when not teaching 5 honors and advanced placement chemistry classes he has started coaching basketball at Saugus High School.

Beth continues to enjoy her work as an events producer. This year was one of lots of movement with work and/or pleasure trips to New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Mexico, Costa Rica, South America, Spain and France. In her “spare time” she runs, swims or goes to the gym and spends time with her large circle of friends.

I once again spent the summer in China with a group of 7 students. We attended school 5 days per week with some weekend tourism plus two longer trips to Beijing and Guilin before returning home. The best part for me was having the opportunity to spend time with good friends there.

The biggest event of this year will take place next week when my mom will turn 90 years old. In spite of some serious health problems she continues to enjoy life and we are blessed to have her in our lives.

All four of us wish you Merry Christmas and let us all hope for a peaceful and healthy 2009.