December 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

It seems like I was just writing this letter a few weeks ago, and yet another year has passed. We have so much to be thankful for – our health, family, friends and the chance to have new adventures. All of you have played a part in this adventure.

The biggest event this year was that Jenk turned 70! We had a small celebration for this milestone, but it is a bit hard to believe, as he doesn’t look a day over 50, and he stays active and involved with our church and three different boards. In his spare time he enjoys reading and following politics. He also continues his genealogy research.

I continue to be involved in the Chinese exchange program, spending many hours at school. I traveled to China with students in June, then went again in September along with Principal Bill Bolde as we were both invited for our sister-school’s 20 th anniversary. During the event we witnessed a show which rivaled the opening ceremony of the Olympics! After Bill returned home I stayed for a couple of weeks to visit friends and to teach lessons at three different schools. I always love teaching, especially those kids who are so excited to practice their English!

However the big trip for both Jenk and me was 7 weeks in Europe in the spring. We visited many friends in France, Germany, Denmark and Finland, along with 3 days of tourism in Barcelona, Spain. We were thankful to make new memories with dear friends. We were especially happy to see that my German sister Margit was getting through her chemotherapy. Then in October we flew to Florida to visit my Uncle Alan who had moved there in January following the death of my Aunt Harriett. We enjoyed seeing Alan and also discovering parts of the state.

Our “kids” are doing well. Marc continues teaching at Saugus High School, as well as playing various leadership roles including department chair and coaching. He adopted a new family member during the summer. Ike is a bearded dragon who has grown so fast. The “boys” enjoy time together when Marc is at home.

Beth started working for the Astin Martin company in January. She is the marketing manager for the Americas and now works in Irvine. This made for a long commute from San Diego, so last month she and Nathan bought a home in Costa Mesa. Nathan was transferred to Newport Beach, so they both have a much shorter drive. Beth still travels a lot, but she mostly enjoys it.

Our Christmas tree is decorated and there is a fire in the fireplace as it is cold here in Newhall. It really feels like Christmas! We wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2016.

Just as I was getting ready to send this something amazing happened. Beth and Nathan organized a pretend surprise birthday party for Nathan, and when we all arrived it was in reality their wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony to unite a wonderful couple. Marc and Nathan’s brother were the witnesses. It was an unforgettable evening!



Patty and Jenk