This is a post card written by my great grandfather (William Clinton Garrett) to my grandmother (Mrs. S. W. "Annie" Stephenson). It was written March 15, 1950 and post marked from Floydada, Texas at 6 pm. Grandpa Garrett was staying with his son, "Uncle Jim" Garrett in Floydada. Grandpa Garrett would have been about 90 years old at the time he wrote this card.

Front Side of the Post Card

Back Side of the Post Card

The card is difficult for me to read. I've made an attempt to copy it below, but some parts are missing until I can figure out what it says. It's written in pencil and hard to read.

3/15/50 Dear Anie I send this to let you ..... But the flue maybe got up? this morning with a cass of it.....? Had letter from Lila they would be by after me ??? so I am all worked up to go. I am so glad and hape (happy) Jimmie can get of (off) to the springs and Walter .....well enough to go with for he needs that water so bad and any one else that he can ....well it is dry and windie here and cold Well I will send you letter when I get to the springs Carli is at home ok. hope you all stay well and miss the mumps. ???????? Love to all W. C. Garrett