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Bottom row: left to right - Bubbles, Mickey - Top Row: Charles, Lou Ann-- Aunt Robena, Uncle Barney Watts
Loucille Stanley, Edna McCoy, Jim Stephenson,
Annie Grace Findlely
Aunt Lucille Stanley, Maurice Stanley, Robena McCoy,
Jenk Stephenson, early1960s at Paducah, Texas
Stephenson Cemetery near Revel Community, which is near Augusta, Woodruff County Arkansas
This picture was taken in July 2004, and you can see the bamboo hill in the distance, but it has been removed and the farm is now planted all in tree.
McAdoo farm, May 1958 - Jenk Stephenson on the left next to his dog Quinney, also Uncle Nath, Aunt Jewel, Uncle Charlie, and cousins and sister Linda (girl in front right)
McAdoo farm, May 1958, Linda Stephenson, Uncle Charlie Stephenson, Lynette Stanley, Ray Stanley, Tom Stephenson, Jim Stephenson, front row--Joe Nathan, Carolyn, Henry, behind Uncle Charlie and Lynette is Robena McCoy
Loucille Stanley, Jim Stephenson, Edna McCoy,
Robena Watts--brother and sisters
Walter James Stephenson, Charlie Clinton Clinton, brothers
Front porch of the McAdoo farm house. Back row: Charlie Stephenson, Nath Stephenson, Walter Stephenson, Annie Stephenson, Edna McCoy, Annie Grace Fendley. From row: John Stephenson, Jim Stephenson, Robena Watts, Loucille Stanley - My aunts and uncles and grandparents.
Darus Yarbrough, 1925
My Dad's cousin
Edna Stephenson Hargis, lady on the left
My grandfather's sister
Edna Stephenson McCoy
Hargis Children gravestone
Stephenson Cemetery, Arkansas
Hose Polaski (H P) Rumfield
Long time neighbor farmer, McAdoo, Texas
HP and Wesley Hargis, brothers, 1920s
My Dad's Cousins
William Jenkins (Jenk) Stephenson
McAdoo school picture 1950s

Jenk Stephenson, Robena McCoy

Jenk Stephenson & Patty MacKellar Stephenson
June 1976
Jenk's brothers and sisters: Carolyn, Linda, Henry, Tom and David - mid 1960s
Jim Stephenson and sisters: Annie Grace Fendley, Loucille Stanley, Edna McCoy - early 1960s
John Stephenson & Ruth Parker Stephenon, on the left
My aunt and uncle, January 1, 1958
John Newton Jones, 1835 - 1922
My great great great grandtfather
John Newton Jones, and family
Alfred Jones, brother to John Newton Jones
Malinda Ewing 1806-1902
Mother of John N. Jones

My Great-Great-Great-Grandmother
Lilly Garrison, Annie Stephenson
May 1953, McAdoo farm house
Annie is my Grandmother
Margaret Carriker Garrett Stephenson, 1842 - 1899
My great grandmother
Margaret Carriker Garrett Stephenson, 1842 - 1899
My great grandmother
after some photoshop work on the picture
Tombstone of
Margaret Carriker Garrett Stephenson, 1842 - 1899
My great grandmother
Stephenson Cemetery, Arkansas
L to R: Mattie and Milton Yarbrough,
Robena Stephenson Watts
LtoR: Charlie Stephenson, Jim Stephenson, Unknown, Nathan Stephenson, Robena Stephenson, John Stephenson
David, Jenk, Henry, & Tom Stephenson
four brothers, 1984
LtoR: Tom, David, Jim, Henry, Jenk
four brothers and a father (Jim) 1984
Samuel Walter Stephenson
My Grandfather, 1904
Samuel Walter Stephenson
My Grandfather, 1904
photoshop was used
Samuel Walter Stephenson, about age 18 (1896)
Samuel Charles Stephenson, 2nd from the right
Samuel Charles Stephenson, tombstone
Stephenson Cemetery, Arkansas
Samuel Charles Stephenson, Tombstone
Stephenson Cemetery, Arkansas
Standing: Nath Stephenson, Annie Stephenson, Jerry Stephenson - Children: Joe Nathan Stephenson, Mickey Watts - about 1960
LtoR: Barney Watts, Nath Stephenson, Charlie Stephenson, Robena Stephenson Watts, Edna Stephenson McCoy
Unknown Black man, Jim Garrett, Walter Stephenson, and
child Benny Stephenson
Walter James (Jim) Stephenson, 1918 - 1996
My Father
Walter James (Jim) Stephenson, Aug 1986
1918 - 1996
My Father
Samuel Walter Stephenson, on the left with fiddle
unknown friends
Robena Stephenson Watts
April 25, 1945 - Lubbock, Texas
My Aunt
Robena Stephenson Watts & Barney Watts
November 19, 1977 - San Antonio, Texas
My Aunt and Uncle
Victor Stephenson with son, Gilbert
Victor was my grandfather's brother
Robert Leroy (Bob) Stephenson
Linda Randolph Stephenson
Victor Stephenson
Mamie Pollard Stephenson
with son, Gilbert Thomas Stephenson
Samuel Walter Stephenson
Annie Garrett Stephenson
Mamie Pollard Stephenson
Evelyn Ruth Parker Stephenson
1916 - 1967
My Aunt
Amelia Hargis 1911 -1991
H. P. Hargis 1891 - 1971
Wesley Hargis 1915 - 1999
My Dad's Cousins
Maurice Stanley, Ray Stanley, Lou Ann Watts, Robena McCoy, Sammy Don Stephenson?, Charles Alton Watts,
Mickey Watts, Jenk Stephenson, Nathan Lendsey Fendley,
Coy Stephenson holding his son, Robert
about 1961
Revel Store about 1990 - Revel, Arkansas
My great-grandparents and grandparents
shopped at this store about the turn of the century (1900)
On the back of the photo: "This is Carmie's father out in the field...that little dog jumped on his lap just as Carmie took the picture"
I don't have a name for Uncle Carmie's father or a date for the picture.

Left to right: Walter James Stephenson, my father
Charlie Clinton Stephenson
Samuel Jenkins (John) Stephenson
William Nathan Stephenson
Elmer Roland Waldrop
Samuel Walter Stephenson, my grandfather
about 1948

Walter James (Jim) Stephenson, my father
and me William Jenkins (Jenk) Stephenson
about 1948
This is front of the McAdoo, Texas farm house of my grandparents

Left to right:
Hose Polaski (H P) Rumfield
Long time neighbor farmer, McAdoo, Texas
my father - Walter James (Jim) Stephenson

Annie Grace Stephenson Fendley
Carmie Lenzy Fendley
my aunt and uncle
1949 on the back of the picture
Carney and Annie T Roberts at the funeral of Annie T's mother--Mamie Pollard Stephenson
Annie T was Jim Stephenson's cousin
May 1969
On the back is written: "Homer Garrett, nephew of W. C. Garrett and son of Jim Garrett"
His father then would be James Thomas Garrett, who is
Great Grandpa Garrett's brother.
My Aunt
Robena Stephenson
with, I think, Elsey Pullen
maybe 1930s
Left to right: William Nathan Stephenson,
Robena Stephenson Watts, Lucille Stephenson Stanley,
Edna Stephenson McCoy,
Walter James Stepehson (my father)
my Aunts and Uncles
My father is the man sitting on the floor, Walter James Stephenson, and the boy in his lap may be me, and the rest of the people I do not know.
On the back side is San Antonio, Texas 1948
Roland Waldrop's Grandmother
Ida Waldrop
She was probably born
in the later half of the 1800s
Passed away maybe in the 1940s

Lila Garrett Murphree (my grandmother's sister)
Jake Murphree
daughter - Jakie Jo Murphree Nunn

Carmie Fendley
Annie Grace Stephenson Fendley
Charlie Stephenson, my Uncle
Edna Stephenson McCoy, my Aunt
Walter James "Jim" Stephenson, my father
maybe 1960s
Gracie Pearl Gage Stephenson, my Aunt
Charlie Clinton Stephenson, my Uncle
James Clinton Stephenson, my cousin
maybe about 1960
Gracie Pearl Gage Stephenson, my Aunt
maybe 1940s
Samuel Jenkins "John" Stephenson, my Uncle
Lucille Stephenson Stanley, my Aunt
Hose Polaski "Rummy" Rumfield, neighbor
maybe early 1940s
McAdoo, Texas farm wagon
maybe 1930s
Robert Lenoy "Bob" Stephenson, my cousin
1935 - 2011
William Nathan Stephenson, my Uncle
maybe 1930s
Charlie Clinton Stephenson, my Uncle
maybe 1940s
Edna Stephenson McCoy
maybe late 1940s
Edna Stephenson McCoy with daughter Robena McCoy
notice my Uncle Charlie Stephenson under the tractor
about 1950
Kermit Stanley
Lucille Stephenson Stanley
about 1940

Monte J. McCoy
Patsy Robena McCoy
Edna Stephenson McCoy
maybe late 1940s