Mrs. Forrest Martin - My great aunt Mamie Martin - my grandmother's sister - the lady on the far right
Beth Stephenson to grandpa and picture
Car Title - my Dad's
Victor Stephenson

Nathaniel Stephenson - brother to my great grandfather, Samuel Charles Stephenson, and Benjamin Stephenson. All three brothers came from North Carolina with friends and relatives and settled in Woodruff County, Arkansas. Nathan died about 1871, relatively young, but I do not know the circumstances of his death. I have found a few documents pertaining to his death and you will find them here. They all come from the Lose Probate Records of Woodruff County. Document1, Document2

Benjamin Stephenson - These records come from the Lose Probate Records of Woodruff County, Arkansas - Court House. Part1 | Part2 | Document1

Samuel Walter Stephenson, my grandfather, became the guardian of his brother Victor Stephenson on November 6, 1899. Document2 Document3 | He, also, was appointed guardian of Maggie Stephenson on January 25, 1904.. I believe this to be Maggie Stephenson, his daughter. But I'm puzzled as to why he would need to be made guardian of his own daughter. Document1 | Also on March 3, 1915 he became the guardian of some of his sister's kids. His sister, Annie Stephenson Yarbrough, died on February 3, 1911 and her husband William Penn Yarbrough died on February 27, 1915. He became guardian of some of their 15 children--William Jenkins Yarbrough, Maud Yarbrough, Mabel Yarbrough, Minor Yarbrough, Marvin Yarbrough, Darius Yarbrough, Lucy Yarbrough, and Libbye Yarbrough. Document4.

My grandfather, Samuel Walter Stephenson, and his first wife, Nettie Watson Cariker Stephenson, donated one acre of land to build the Methodist Church in Augusta, Arkansas. Evidence is provided by this deed of land to the church. Because of the size of the document I had to divide it into parts. Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part5 | The land was deeded to the Church on August 2, 1902.