In July 1952 Lilly and Dan Brown from Amarillo, Texas visited my grandparents at their home in McAdoo, Texas. Lilly grew up with my Aunt Edna Stephenson McCoy and was a life-long friend. Lilly and her husband, Dan, took some silent home video while visiting. On the video are my grandparents, Walter and Annie Stephenson; my father, Jim Stephenson, my Aunt Jewel Stephenson and her son Joe Nathan Stephenson (baby), and my Uncle Nath Stephenson. My sister, Linda, and I are also in the video. There are also a few people that I do not know.

My grandfather, Walter, is playing the fiddle and his son, Uncle Nath, playing the guitar. My grandmather, Annie, is the one that pulls her hands with apron up to her mouth. Lilly is on my grandmothr's right. My father, Jim Stephenson, is the one dancing. The little boy standing in front of my grandmother is me and my sister, Linda, is the little girl sitting on the porch.

In the mid 1980s my father, Jim Stephenson, and I drove to Amarillo and visited with Lilly and Dan. At that time I took my old VCR home video camera and copied the silent tape. As I copied the tape Lilly and my father were talking some, and those are the voices you will here in the video.

The quality of the tape in the 1980s was not very good, but I'm still very happy to have it.


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