17th Clint Garrett Reunion is Held

The Colorful Red Canyon Camp ground in the Manzano Mountains near the village of Manzano was the scene of the 17th annual reunion this past weekend of the late Clint Garrett clan.

Cars, mobile homes, trailers, and tents were dotted all over with a large canvas shelter erected centrally near the tables, cook-out grates, and water fountains.

Clint Garrett III of Farmington, grandson of the late Mr. Garrett in whose honor the annual affair was started, headed his sister and mother as host and hostesses for 1964.

Jim Clint Garrett, II, of Floydada, Texas, a son, was the oldest member, attending, and six month old Carol Martin of Littlefield, Texas, great granddaughter of Mrs. Mamie Martin, a daughter of Spur, Texas, the youngest. Mr. Garrett was the father of Mrs. Lila Murphree of Las Vegas.

Mrs. Syble Estep, a granddaughter, and her husband of Doublin, Texas, drove the farthest distance to attend.

Those attending included Mr. and Mrs. Jim C. Garrett, Floydada, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Murphree, Las Vegas, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Martin, Spur, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Martin, Spur, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Estep, Doublin, Texas;Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Martin, Jr.; Littlefield, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. H. Bob Martin and Carol, Littlefield, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stefley, Littlefield, Texas; Misses Shelia and Shelly Martin, Littlefield, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Juill Pierce and Jim, Lubbock, Texas; Miss Bubbles Watts, Lubbock, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stephenson, Paducah, Texas; Jenk, David, Henry and Tommy, South Paducah, Texas; Misses Linda and Carolyn Stephenson, Paducah, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Stanley, Paducah, Texas; Ray and Lynette Stanley, Paducah, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair Hughes, and Given Hughes, Lubbock, Texas; Ernie Estep, Malgamar; Mrs. Terecia Garrett, Sunray, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lassiter, Sunray, Texas; Jan, Karen and Sabra Lassiter, Sunray, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fox and Steve, Albuquerque; Mr. and Mrs. Johnny DePaulo, Albuquerque.

Miss Francina DePaulo, Albuquerque, Joey, Jim, John Frank and Dana De Paulo, Albuquerque; Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Cole, Farmington; Kim and Tammy Cole, Farmington; Mark and Douglas Cole, Farmington; Mr. and Mrs. Clint Garrett, III, Farmington; Gina, Carmen and Jim Bob Garrett, Farmington; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Howard, Portales.

Rorie, Rocky, Bill, and Tracy Howard, Portales; Mr. and Mrs. Walt Newlin, Walter, La Trecia and Lanette Newlin, Albuquerque; Mrs. Betty Pratt, Albuquerque; Butch, Mike Dane and Tim Pratt, Albuquerque; Mr. and Mrs. J.P.Holms, Mountainair; Joe, Patsy and Preston Helma, Mountainair; Mr. and Mrs. Jonothan Nunn, Tucumcari; and Miss Linda Nunn, Ray and Jeff Nunn from Tucumcari.

Several drove into Mountainair on Sunday morning for church services.

The group parted for their respective homes Sunday afternoon, all in agreement that the New Mexico climate is the best to be found anywhere.

Newspaper unknown, Aug. 1964

Submitted by Harry Bob Martin