Some research by Jenk Stephenson

On August  2nd of 1902 my grandfather, Samuel Walter Stephenson, and his first wife Nettie Watson Cariker Stephenson, sold one acre of land for the sum of one dollar to the trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church in order that a place of worship could be built.  As best as I can read the deed records the land was located in Woodruff County, Arkansas, SW ¼, SE ¼ in the north west corner of SW 1/4 , section 22, township 7 NR 3 W.  (page 588-590 of the deed book) (I think the NR refers to North Range)

My grandfather, Samuel Walter Stephenson, deeded for one dollar on the 9th of November 1903, land to his daughter Maggie Stephenson, and three step children—Maynard Cariker, Roy (or Ray) Cariker, Minnie Cariker, and Etta Cariker.  The land was located as follows:  The West ½ of SW ¼ of section 2 and then East ½ of SE ¼ of section 3 all in (9 wfe???) 7 North Range 2 West
(deed book, page 508)
I’m assuming this is land from his first wife, Nettie, that he is giving to her children and their one child together, Maggie.  But Maggie also died soon after this.

My great grandparents, Samuel Charles Stephenson and Margaret Cariker Garrett Stephenson, sold a lot in Grays, Arkansas on the 16th of November 1894 for $37.50
(deed book page 576)

On the 18th of April 1885, my great grandfather, Samuel Charles Stephenson, purchased some land and a framed stone-house thereon in Grays, Arkansas, from Lena and Louis Salinger.
(deed book from Court House in Augusta, but I did not record the page number)

My grand parents, Walter and Annie Stephenson, of McAdoo, Texas owned a couple lots in town that they leased from time to time.  Lot #12 was purchased from the W. H Norris Lumber Co. for $150 on November 12, 1927.  It was a gas station and warehouse.  At least as of March 3, 1931 they were leasing the property and continued to do so several years.  In 1931 they were leasing it for $10 per month.  And again in 1938 I find they are leasing it for $20 per month.  Eventually they sold it to their son, William Nathan Stephenson.

The West Texas Utility paid my grandfather to allow them to place electrical poles on his farm.  He entered into the agreement on December 19, 1930.

I think that my grandparents, Samuel Walter and Annie Garrett Stephenson, purchased the McAdoo, Texas farm on March 9, 1917 for about $1600 or $10 per acre for the 160 acres.

My father, Walter James (Jim) Stephenson, purchased the Medford 80, now owned by my cousins, Jerry and Robena Tooke, on January 9, 1943 from L. S. Harvey who had purchased it from C. P. Medford and wife.  It was on this farm that our house burned down Christmas of 1951 while we were visiting Aunt Lou and Uncle Kermit Stanley in Paducah, Texas.