Bill and Leve Garrett

text by Mamie Garrett Martin (niece)
Taken from History of Dickens County, by Fred Arrington, 1971, p. 250

Bill and Leve Garrett came in a covered wagon to West Texas from Eastern Oklahoma in 1903. They were getting on in years and wanted to be near their nephew Clint and family. They bought one-half section of land and established a home near the present sight of the newly constructed White River Dam.

Some of their neighbors were, besides Clint, the Petersons, Gardners, Hulses and Rogers.

After about three years, Uncle Bill became ill, and was admitted to an old soldiers home near where his daughter Nora Garrett Bradley lived, where he died in a few months. His children were Nora, Ira, Sam and Mattie.

Mattie's half sister, was Mrs. Will Austin of Dickens County and she visited in Mrs. Austin's home and in the home of her father in about 1904.

Uncle Leve and his wife, Ollie were two very congenial people and loved company. Their two children died in infancy so they loved having children in their home.

Aunt Ollie was a good cook and prepared many well balanced, delicious meals for the children of the family.

Uncle Leve served as Justice of the Peace for a period of two or three years in Crosby County. Aunt Ollie taught at the first school in Dickens County. This school was held in a dug-out in the Croton neighborhood during the year they lived in the Croton community, before traveling on to Oklahoma in a covered wagon.

Uncle Leve operated a blacksmith's shop there. He had many fancy horseshoes in his collection, made on his anvil. He was a great story teller of facts and fancy yearns and kept us entertained highly. You could always know when the story was fact or fiction, he meant it to be that way.

In 1913 he moved into Spur and bought a small house on Hill Street, where they spent the last days.

Aunt Ollie passed on in 1914 and Uncle Leve in 1919. They were buried in the Red Mud Cemetery.

(PS) According to internet cemetery records Ollie D. Garrett was born on May 2, 1847 and died on February 17, 1911. L. G. (Leve) Garrett was born on October 7, 1845 and died on June 17, 1919. (Taken from the Red Mud Cemetery internet site.)