Angagh Kalpakian MacKellar & George Lardie MacKellar

In June of 2008 there appeared an article in the Daily News about Angagh. The article indicates that I was an English teacher--that is totally incorrect, I was a business teacher. Click here to read the ariticle: Page1 | Page2 | Page 3

A year later the above newspaper article prompted a letter from a Washington High School graduate. Angagh had graduated high school from Washington High and was also a teacher there. The letter contained some old copies from the Washington High Yearbook as well as a program of the 1996 class reunion that Angagh attended. Letter | Yearbook page1 | Yearbook page2 | Reunion page1 | Reunion page2 | Program: Page1 | Page2 | Page3 | Page4 | Page5 | Page6 | Page7 | Page8

An email from Angagh in 2005.

Her memorial service was held on August 16, 2009--written by Beth. | Memorial Program Page 1 | Memoral Program Page 2 | Memorial Program Page 3 | Memorial Program Page 4

Citizenship papers for Angagh Kalpakian

Marriage License of Angagh and George | back side | Angagh and Dee Elwood