Happy Thanksgiving!

When I was a child I had to recite a Thanksgiving poem for class and could not find a suitable poem.  My father was working nights and when he came home early one morning shortly before Thanksgiving, he wrote the attached poem for me to recite in class. 

May we all give thanks for simple joys of life.

Nancy (Grubb)
November 27, 2008


Dad's Thanksgiving Poem

As I awoke this morning there was frost upon the ground.
My family was all asleep. From the world came not a sound.

As as the sun’s first golden ray brought forth a new-born day,
I bowed my head in reverence and silently did pray:

Dear Lord, I thank you for this day, and for the skies of blue.
I’m thankful for the evening and for the sunset’s hue.

I’m thankful for the sights and sound, of taste and feel and smell.
I’m thankful for the memories of days I knew so well.

The sound of children’s laughter and gently falling rain.
The smell of autumn in the air when summer leaves again.

The warmth of dear beloved friends, the smell of fresh baked bread.
A gentle touch of a loved one’s hand when I was tucked in bed.

And so Dear Lord I thank thee. May all of mankind pray.
And remember all Thy precious gifts on this Thanksgiving Day.

George MacKellar
November 19, 1965