Patricia Louise MacKellar Stephenson

and her

French Connection

As a young college student in Aix-en-Province, Patty visited her great aunt in Marsaille, France. Patty's grandfather ((Hourtine (Harry) Kalpakian)) immigrated to the United States in 1923 with his family as Armenian refugees from Turkey, leaving behind brothers and sisters that went to different parts of Europe. After Harry's death in 1963 there was less communication until all was lost. Now in January of 2016 communication lines have been re-established. Miracles can and do happen. Harry's brother Nishan Kalpakian ended up in France and his grand daughter, Astrid Kaloustian,recently found my website where I have all the family genalogical information. From the website the grand daughter was able to find Patty's cousin, Laura Kalpakian. Laura emailed Patty and Patty emailed Astrid. Just a few days ago we received 4 pictures that are below.

Miracles Do Happen

Kalpakian family
Harry Kalpakian (on the right)
circa 1891
Armine Kalpakian Kaloustian
sister of Hagop Kalpakian
daughter of Nishan Kalpakian
daughter of Astrid Kalouostian
Nishan Kalpakian kid's
Armine Kalpakian
Hagop (called Jacques in French) Kalpakian
about 1941
I found this picture which I think is of the same kids on the left. The picture is labeled Brother Nishan's kids.
July 23, 1935