The Arrival from Turkish Armenia


The Ship - Constantinople - Picture

The Ship - Constantinople - Description | Ship Manifest - starts on line 12, notice they were deported, they were not in the quota | Page 2 | Look at lines 12 - 16

Harry Kalpakian - Ellis Island Documentation

Hellen Kalpakian - Ellis Island Documentation

Angagh Kalpakian -Ellis Island Documentaion

Peggyk Kalpakian - Ellis Island Documentation

Haig Koulaksezian - brother to Hellen Kalpakian

They came on the Constantinople in 3rd class and were not able to get through on the quota and were deported. Since they were on a Greek ship they got off in Greece and returned to the US a few weeks later on the French ship - the Canada to Providence, Rhode Island where they successfully arrived in the US, but this time they had booked second class passage.