I'm pretty sure this photo was taken at one of the many Garrett reunions that I attended as a young boy. My grandfather, Samuel Walter Stephenson, died in January 1953 so I'm dating this picture about 1950.

Standing back row, left to right: Annie Marinda ElizabethGarrett Stephenson (my grandmother), Maggie Jane Reece Garrett, Forrest Martin, Mamie Garrett Martin, Jake Hamilton Murphree, DeLila Josephine Garrett Murphree, Teresa Kearney Garrett

Seated: Samuel Walter Stephenson (my grandfather), James Clinton "Jim" Garrett, Great grandpa William Clinton Garrett, Walter Lee Garrett


On the back of the picture is written the following:

For Jim Stephenson - grandson (he was my father)

Grandpa Garrett and his Children

Walter & Annie Stephenson - 9 children

Jim & Maggie Garrett - 4 children

Forrest & Mamie Martin - 4 children

Jake & Lila Murphree - 1 child

Walter & Tereca Garrett - 8 children

Lett & Edna Johnson (not in picture -Edna died at 21 years old) - 2 children

28 grandchildren