Land Records

The following are land deeds that I have discoverd for family members. This is by no means a complete list, but these records do tell us some of the history of our past.

Samuel Charles Stephenson & Margaret Cariker Garrett Stephenson - They sold a lot in Grays, Arkansas for $37.50. Part1 | Part2 Notice that Margaret signed her name with an "X", so obviously she could not read or write.

Samuel Charles Stephenson - On the 18 th of April 1885, my great grandfather, Samuel Charles Stephenson, purchased a lot and a framed stone-house thereon in Grays, Arkansas, from Lena and Louis Salinger. Document
(deed book from Court House in Augusta, but I did not record the page number)

Margaret Cariker Garrett Stephenson - Our great-grandmother deeded one acre of the farm to become what is known today as the Stephenson Cemetery, near Revel, Arkansas. Part1 | Part2 | Typed version | more about the cemetery Margaret is buried in this cemetery.

Samuel Walter Stephenson - Here my grandfather is deeding land for $1 to his child Maggie Stephenson, and step children (Maynard Cariker, Ray Caiker, Minnie Cariker, and Etta Cariker). I'm assuming this is land originally from his first wife Nettie Watson Cariker who had died, so he is giving the land to the children on November 9, 1903. Part1 | Part2